Out on my own

Again I have to take first steps. First steps totally on my own. If I'm afraid? Worried? Honestly, not really! It's exciting to check in on my flight to Bangkok, knowing, that nobody is waiting there to pick my up. OK, a little frightening...

The plane is really crowded with noisy indian people, but I don't care. Earplugs and a good night sleep later I get off at Bangkok International ariport. 27 degree outside at 6.30 a.m. Visa on arrival, Bus to the main trainstation and onto the train to Ayutthaya. Even though I haven't seen lot of Bangkok yet I have the strong feeling, that it is much easier as Bombay or Delhi. Perhaps I'm feeling more self confident...

The train is so different from the trains in India. There ere kind of compartments with two-people seats and three-people seets. When there is a seat for two, there are just two people sitting there. So there is just half the amount of people like in indian trains... And so cheap!

After a really hot and sweaty journey I arrive at Ayutthaya, crab a Tuk-Tuk to my Hostel and don't mind the mess in my room, just want to have a shower - not that the heat is any better after that and I just want to stay in ther forever!

The Baan Lotus is an old Thai-Family-Home rebuilt to a guesthouse. I have a small room with a very comfortable bed (I had not such a cushy bed in 8 weeks) and a fan. After cleaning it is fine enough for me to stay two nights. In the hotel there is a german couple, Wibke and Philipp, and together we are off for my first Pad Thai. In the afternoon we are going together on a tour, organised by the hotel, to see the some of the temples illuminated at night.Nice, but I'd rather go inside the temple than just take some pictures from the outside...


But we're having a nice meal at a little Jazz bar. Then Wibke and Philipp are off, really nice and interesting people, hope to see them again! (Ad Uli and Bogi: They knew the What What Guy)

And I - once again I worship the Lord Shiva - this crap really has to stop now!

Next day I'm better, so I rent a bike for the day and despite the fact that in Thailand there is left-hand traffic I manage to drive to the train station and back to the hotel and again to the train station - yes I know thet I was there two times, it's all for the beauty - and buy my ticket for tomorrow for going to Chiang Mai.

On the way back I meet the next german guy on the little ferry - Wolfgang. Just arrived here he's joining me on my Biking-Temple-Tour throug the scorching heat (yes, not the brightest idea, but so what). Again, I'm having a great time with a total stranger, so after sunset and a desperatly needed shower we're having a beer and some good talk till late late night. Unfortunatly Wolfgang allready desided to go south afterwards, but perhaps we meet up again in Australia...


My last day in Ayutthaya starts earlier than planed because of the cock, but it's all right. At least I have a long day *grrrr* After breackfast I book my hostel for Chiang Mai via Internet and spend the whole day doing nothing but reading, eating, sweating.... The train's of course late, but I find my seat - wich  is more difficult when everything is written in Thai - and settle in a more ore less uncomfortable sleepingseat, preparing to have a cold night under the AC. But at least I'm moving, right?!

Looking forward to Ching Mai, until then...*

28.2.09 15:00

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