Cliche or what?

I was told Bangkok is mainly noise, dirt and bustle. And some temples, of course. So truth or cliche?

I arrived at Bangkok at 5 o'clock in the morning. Why you might ask? Good question! All thanks to you Joaquin, my friend... So arrving in the middle of the night is more or less not really funny, but I found a bus going into town and dropping me near the famous Khao San Road (known to everybody who has seen 'the beach' and every party-obesessed). German and all planned out like I am I booked a Hostel nearby in advance, so that I was under the shower and in a nice AC-Room by 6.30 am. So what now? Khao San Rd didn't looked very inviting at the morning, with all those still drunk people lurging around. So first of all I need coffe - ya, I'm still addicted! After that off to the grand palace.
Here I have to dress up a little into to longarmed shirt and trousers - luckily a have my fisherman pants with me. So sweating into I'm allowed now to enter the temple area. It's a huge districed with a lot of temples, buildings and people (everywhere Japanese). The buildings are glittering in the sun and the big golden Chedi is competing against. The pictures are showing that better than I can't describe in words...


The main temple contains the emerald buddha. A little buddha statue, famous and wanted in the whole world. But honestly not that impressive with old the golden statues around it and the golden cloth on. The rest of palace buildings are all not open for public, so I just wander around for a little and leave Mickey-Mouse-Temple-Town behind.

 A lot more impressive is the liying Buddha at Wat Po, he tops everything I've ever seen in a temple!!


Day two contains a visit in China Town. It is, like everybody expects chinatown to be. Full of food stands, lots of people, hello kitty and Micky Mouse.But with Hongkong noddles for breakfast tothing can go wrong, right! And so I just wonder around, suck up all the life and enjoy the happy people and my good mood (everything is better with music).


For lunch I meet Anthea and here boyfriend (a girl from University who is in Bangkok as well) and enjoy the company from back home. But after they had to leave I don't stay a long for long, in Bangkok there are always people if you don't want to be alone. So I meet James (UK) and Markus (GER) and together we stay up the whole night, listening to live music on Khao San Rd.

So my conclusion about the Bangkok cliche: It is and at the same time it is not at the same time. The temple areas are beautiful but kind of over the top. Khao San is directly next to some nice quiet streets full of thai people, no tourists. Modern is meeting tradition. Busy, yes bustling, no. Dirty - Bombay was dirty man, but Bangkok not.

So I like the city a lot, evn though I'm sure, that there are nicer parts in Thailand to visit! 

8.3.09 11:14

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Kai (11.3.09 11:57)
Hey kleine Judith,

na da bist Du ja noch immer fleißig am schreiben, aber erst wird alles englisch, und dann auch noch die Schrift immer kleiner! ;-) Ich hoffe, Du forderst dann nicht demnächst auch noch nur englische Kommentare! :-P
Ist schön von Dir zu hören, dass es Dir noch immer so gut geht, mein Neid wird immer größer auf Deine große Reise, aber der war ja auch schon vorher da, vor allem bei allem, was hier grad ist und passiert.

Und immer wieder triffst Du Leute von zu Hause, bist ja gar nicht so alleine, auch das find ich super.

Naja, so weit erst einmal,

viele liebe Grüße, Kai

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