Being a granddaughter one more time

Arriving in Perth felt like coming home. I don't know weather is was that there was a familiar face in the crowd at the airport waiting for me or weather it was the fact that nobody was staring at me anymore, just because I'm a white chick.

Anyway, Guenther brought me home to Pat, my own room, my own bath and my own washing machine... It's so great having all these things back after some time of travelling...

All in all, my time in Peth with Pat and Guenter was like being a granddaugther once more, even though all my grandparents are dead. Those two people, barly knowing me just took me in, spoiled me in every way and really made me feeling welcome!

We did some daytours together.

The first one was just a short trip to Kings Park, where one has a great view over the whole city of Perth and the Swan river. And where you can have a look at all kind of native australian plants such as grass boys or boab trees.


The second one was to the Pinnacles 250 km north of Perth. That's kind of a little dessert just behind the coastline with these absurd sandstone pillars all over the place - amazing what nature can do, isn't it!

And we had some great fish'n chips for lunch, my first since my holiday in London...

The next trip I did on my own. Cause lets be honest, it's not all fun for me or for dear Pat and Guenter with their 80 something years to do a city trip together


So I went early morning to the city, enjoyed some "normal" windowshopping and not being stared at all the time - even though I missed it a little, being special and stuff

The city itself is not that big and has not so many sights, so that I finished my tour by midday. But it left time for organising my international driving license...

On Thursday we went to the famous Perth AQWA, a huge aquarium showing 12,000 miles of Australias coastline. In a big tank we wandered throug glass tunnels on the groound of that tank with sharks and stingrays swimming over our heads, turtles lurking around and aa lot of smaller fish peeking in the visitors tunnel. Really impressive! And a fish patting zoo was there as well - who of you has ever touched a ray before??

The next day I was on my own again. After picking up my driving license in Perth I went to Fremantle, a little town in the South, and from there by ferry over to Rottnest Island. This small Island is the refugee for Quokkas, little marsupials - cute things!
I rented snorkeling equipment and wandered along th coast line until I found one little bay, with white sand, turquis water and only two other people there. It felt like paradise!

Well, snorkeling is not jet my thing, I'm too afriad of everything underneath me, but at least I saw some fish and reefs and a lot of seaweat. But I prefer swimmig and lying in the sun - which by the way did not show herself too much that day
On Saturday I went with Guenter to Caversham Park - a mixture of zoo and wildlife park. I saw all kind of marsupials - Kangaroo, Wombats, Koalas, Quokkas, Wanabies, Quollas and Tasmanian devils - a lot of birds and Emus and lizards and was allowed to feed and pat the kangaroos. Totally granddaughter like

On my last day in Perth I dragged Pat and Guenter to Fremantle. We visited the bustling market, the shipwrek and Maritime Museum and had some great fish and chips out on the harbour. I also picked up two bottles of the famous Little creatures - local beer. After a short break back home and a little snooze for the elders we went out to Scarborough beach to watch the sunset. Unfortunately it was a little clouded so that it was no uh and ah breathtaking sunset, but still it was amazing seeing the sun fall into the ocean!

With a Little creatures I finished my stay here in Perth. Ready for Sydney!

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vroni (5.4.09 23:17)
Liebe Judith, Leider ist mir Dein Blog etwas kompliziert, da auf englisch geschrieben. Das ist auf Dauer für mein altes Hirn zu mühsam. Schade, denn ich hätte es gerne gelesen, besonders über Pat und Günther. Vielleicht hast Du ja mal Zeit, zu antworten. Kannst Du überhaupt noch deutsch? Liebe Grüße und weiterhin gute Reise, wir sehen uns spätestens in Pellworm, herzlichst Vroni

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