Camping-Adventures Part I

I am really looking forward to my little camping adventure here Down Under for I haven't been camping in ages! So we get up really early to pick up the campervan. And we're out of town in a sec and heading north direction Newcastle on the famous Pacific Highway.

Newcastle itself is a really small town and because it's a really windy day the beaches are closed. So we just hit the road again and drive to the Barrington Tops National Park. 

First, everything is fine, than it becomes Australian - the roads up to the park itself are unsealed and we have to cross the river a few times, but without having a bridge off course But we manage to get to a little camp side just before it's getting dark and after a hot shower and a proper meal, the world is good.

The next day we want to go for some hiking tour into the NP. The people on the camp side advise us two treks up in the rain forest combined with a warning about leeches (little bloodsucking, crawling worms). So we put on Socks and good Shoes and start walking.

And everything seems fine until we come down to the river - which we cannot cross this time, by the way - just for realising, that our shoes are covered in leeches! They are everywhere. Outside, in between, inside, on my socks, on my feet. It's so disgusting and gross and icky and just bah... And with a huge effort I peel those creatures off with a little stick and run all the way back to the car just to start peeling there again. All I want now is get out of this forest! So my first rain forest-experience - not so good.

To make it up, we drive back to the coast to Tuncurry and relax a little at the beach.

For the night we find a little rest area next to a lake near Port Macquarie. And in that middle of nowhere, surrounded with lake and forest and nothing else I see my first shooting stars!!!


The next day we're going just a little further up to Port Macqurie. There are supposed to be some beautiful Treks along the coast we want to do. And it's just lovely! The treks include the beaches with gigantic rock formations, breaking waves, beautiful lookouts and gorgeous forests. And no leeches at all!!!



And also the next excursion in the next NP, called Hat Head is picturesque. After a little shower the trek is slippery - above all doing it with Flip Flops - but the view is incredible!



And nearby we find a little restarea directly on a cliff where we stay the night. For cooking we have Kangaroo - company, for sleeping unfortunately moscito - company.


And after a prickly night it's raining into the bargain. So we try to escape the rain by driving into the mountains - Dorrigo NP and the Waterfall Highway - but the rain is everywhere. So it's just back to the coast again. We stay at a camp side in Yamba and have Fish'n Chips out. Because cooking's impossible...

The next day starts better, but soon it's raining again and we just drive up to Ballina and spend the day with museums, the indoor swimming pool and go up to Byron Bay then. On a look out on the way we even see dolphins jumping in between a surfer crowd!! And in Byron Bay itself it's not raining, so we can cook, sit at the beach, watch the stars - southern cross and stuff - and spend the night somewhere illegal in a living area.


To be continued.... 

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