Camping-Adventures Part II

Today's my birthday, not a big deal, nobody knows and I just want a nice day at the beach. At lest this was the plan. But apparently Wolfgang knows and he bought me a birthday cake - that's so sweet!! And so my day starts with scrambled eggs and ham and chocolate mud pie. And with a lot of sun!!

After breakfast we book a surf lesson for the next day, wonder around the city of Byron Bay a little, which is pretty much a classical backpacker place and go down to the beach after then. I spend some lazy hours there, just reading, sleeping, bathing - amazing!

Not so a amazing is the ticket we earned by parking our car with the back first where it's just allowed to park nose first. Weired people these Aussies sometimes So we have to pay 80 $ I'd rather had spent on a second surf lesson or skydiving or something like that.

For birthdays sake we go out for dinner today, I have some excellent grilled baby octopus  with sweet potatoe chips and my beloved ginger beer. And then we manage to find a bar with some live music and so I have a real great birthday!

The next day, surfing day, it's raining again. But surfing is a wet sport anyway, so it does not really matter that much! With three other people and our Surfinstructor, lets call him Aaron we drive to Flat Head beach and after a little searching he finds a good spot for us to go into the waves. But first there is a lot of explaining about the ocean, how it works with tides and rips and wind and all sort of stuff. Interesting, frightening but calming at the same. And then we're in. I'm in the water and all I can think about is my first wave. We paddle out, and that is by the way pretty exhausting, and suddenly Aaron turnes my board, I start paddeling and then I'm standing on my board! It's amazing. No fear, just fun!

And so I spend three hours in the water, paddeling, surfing, diving, drinking saltwater, swearing and laughing! It's just great!

But suddenly the weather gets worse and a storm is coming up. So We have to leave. And after a shower and  because it's raining cats and dogs we leave Byron Bay direction Brisbane hoping to find better weather up there. But apparently it's a Zyclon on the east coast and the pouring rain is everywhere. So we go to the movies - Pink Panther 2, great - and go to bed really early.

The next day it's still raining, so we try once again to escape the bad weather and drive to Brisbane Forrest park, a rain forest area and do some hiking in there. It's really beautiful and with Insect repellent even the leeches are manageable. At least the once on my shoes, the one on my head I find later on our way to the Scenic Rim, the other side of the mountains, where the rain is said to be not so bad. And we spend the night on a small camp side next to a lake - beautiful!


But the rain is following us and the next day starts bad for me. Non the less we go an a hiking tour up to the Top of Mt Edwards. But the trail is small and slippery, the view is dull and foggy and my mood is below zero, so I leave Wolfgang on the next rain forest trip on his own and spend some time reading and sleeping. And after that, a cherry danish, a coffee and a shower my world is good again! We stay the night at a rest area on the highway and start early the next morning to Tamborine NP. And what can I say, I finally manage it to do a horse riding tour! On horse back two hours through the rain forest. I love it! And I definitely will do that again in Southamerica and back home!.

But then it's ogg to Brisbane again. We check in at a hostel and give back the car, I do my laundry and have some food and a movie before falling in my BED like a stone! The night is great!!!

11.4.09 08:51

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