Brisbane - a short story

Brisbane is not my town. Even though I have a good sense for directions I keep getting lost in the city. But at least I'm off on my own again and I stroll around the city, go to the few sights it has and enjoy a normal city day. Because of rain again I go - again - to the movies and watch Slumdog Millionaire. One of the best movies I've seen for a long time and I get a little India-Homesick...

After that I book my bus for tomorrw to go to Hervey Bay and buy some Kangaroo for dinner. And since it is too early for dinner I try to update this blog but all computers are taken. And so I run into Cam, a Canadian guy and we spent the whole night talking, eating and drinking beer - quite fun how dull days can turn in a second!



And the next day is just organising, swapping my books and waiting for my bus to Hervey. Bur I had some great Sushi at least...

11.4.09 09:04

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