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Arriving in Phom Penh my first intention was to run away again. And so I started racking my littele brain of possibilities. Started with heading north to see some waterfalls, followed by going down south to the beach and ended with going to Kuala Lumpur. My original flight to Perth was sceduled with an overstop in KL anyway so I just resceduled and flew to days early.

Arriving here in KL was like coming back to civilisation but with a sledghammer. On the way to the hostel I'm surrounded by skyscrapers, modern buildings and all in really good shape. Not like in Bangkok or Delhi, in really good shape like new...

The hostel is fine but I'm quick on my way into the city heart, the Petronas towers. Closing the ticket counters for the skybridge at 5 p.m. I arrived there at 5.15 so of course there were no tickets left. But I must have looked so doomed, that they gave me a ticket anyway Driving up with the elevator 41 Levels in 41 seconds made my ear pop, but the view over the city is totally worth it! I still can't believe, that I stood on the same bridge as did Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones for their movie Entrapment (Verlockende Falle)!


After that I stroll around the KLCC and see the all the incredible skyscrapers one formed fancier than the next.

The next day I start early to see China Town. On my way there I pass famous sights like the Masid Jamek, Medan Pasar (Old Market Square) and the Independece Square. Chinatown itself is like it's supposed to be - crowded, full of street vendors, food and fake-stuff. But I love it!


To complete my shopping-sight-seeing I go to KLCC-Mall, a huge Mall next to the Patronas Towers. It takes like two hours just to look at all the stores, even without buying anything. And they have an amazing food court there as well!

I go back to the hostel just to for a quick shower, but I got traped there, because it starts raining and it continues doing so for the rest of the day. So I just hang around, reading, writing and chatting.

So if I had to come to a conclusion about Kuala Lumpur I would say: Small city with big buildings, easily to do in a day or two, great mixture of different cultures and people and worth a short visit! I'm really glad I did that even though I was a little afraid of my own courage

Pictures coming soon...

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