I know, I've neglected my blog a little - apologies for that! I try to make it up to you now...

I arrive in Sydney after a 4 hour flight from Perth at around 6 p.m. I had some Email-conversations the last days with Wolfgang - the german guy I met in Ayutthaya/Thailand - about meeting in Sydney and renting a camper van together. So I take the shuttlebus from the airport to the hostel he's staying at, the Sugar Shak. Good thing about the Sydney-Shuttle, it drops me right in front of the hostel!! Wolfgang is already waiting for me there. Get my room without any problems, my roommates, all german by the way, are unfortunately a little strange.

So I just go for some dinner shopping to the Supermarket and do a little Internet-Update on Perth. And after that I call Jono - the australian guy I met in Siem Reap - and make an appointment for the next day to meet him for my private city tour! With Wolfgang I make up to book the camper the next morning and perhaps reschedule my flight to Santiago.

The next day I get up early to organize everything - to early for australian habits apparently, 'cause everything is still closed. But I call David Robinson, a business friend of my uncle and make a date with him for a beer later that day.

Trying to get a camper on short notice appears more difficult than I thought first, because obviously there are a lot of people going from Sydney to Cairns (like we planed) and dropping the car there and so there are nearly nocars left in Sydney or a least no affordable ones. Wolfgang is not reachable, so I delay these decisions and start wandering around Kings Cross and Elisabeth Bay to kill time until it is time for my "date" with Jono. We're meeting at hyde Park - yeah, there are confusingly lots of places here like in London! He's as nice, polite and funny as I remebered. "Cause I don't know, where to go or what to see at all I leave him the guidance. His suggestion is kind of a walking tour to his favourite places in the city like he used to do, while he was living downtown. Perfect idea for me liking a walk throug the city anyway!

So we start at Hyde Park, going across St. Marys Cathedral and down to the Art Gallery of New South Wales. On that way we stumble acorss some curious things in the park called The Domain, like gigantic matches, one burned, one new, or arock in a tree. The museum itself containes some australian art - which I like fine - some aborigini art - amazing, interesting, different - and some european stuff - boooooooring!


After that we go through the botanical gardens, along flying fox - contaminated trees (little black dots in the picture) down to the eel-infested duck pond.

And there we are right next to th Farm Cave. From here the Opera and the Harbour Bridge are already visible and I take a huge amount of pictures. The way leads up to Mrs. Macquaries Chair on one side, from where I have an astonishing view all over Sydney harbour, the Opera, Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison, The Prime Ministers House and Luna Park.


On the other side Farm Cove ends at the Opera and the Harbour and of course we go there, circle the Opera and stroll through the warfs. Jono shows me the Museum of contemporary Art, but we are both so hungry, that we go for lunch to "the Rocks", one of the oldest and hippest areas around Sydney.

After lunch Jono has to go back to Hyde Park for another appointment. But on the way back he shows me Customs House, the Museum of Sydney, the Sydney Conservatorium, the High Court and the the Mint. And of course the War Memorial in the middle of Hyde Park. All the way today he tells me a lot of things about the city and its buildings and sights. I'm really impressed about that knowledge! And I'm kind of sad to say good bey so soon again, but I hope we meet again!

On my way back I visit varous camper-hire-agencies but without reall success. So I just go to the hostel, take a quick nap before dressing up for my second "date" taody with David.

I'm supposed to meet him at Customs house. Jono had shown me the place earlier, but it appeared to have been the wrong place. But David finds me after a quick phonecall. And like everybody back home told me, David is really nice and we have a great time nd I have my first Victoria Bitter. And an invitation to Davids House for dinner sometime, if I should be in town again before I fly to South Amercia.

Back at the hostel I agree with Wolfgang that we go on camper search again together tomorrow and so we do.

We start as early as possible and after a short look around we manage to book a van for Friday, ten days up to Brisbane. And I also book a three day tour to and on Fraser Island, open date.

Exhilerated as I am, I go down to the harbour, catch a ferry to Manly to enjoy a lazy day at the beach. It's really good to have a day like this once in a while.

Because we have to fill the time till Friday, Wolfgang and I go to the Museum of Sydney together on Thursday. They have some great exhibitions about the history of Sydney as one of the first cities of "european Australi", about the Sydney-Aborginies, the Harbour, the Fort, the Bridge, the Opera - and only now I realise, how good my guided tour with Jono has been, thanks again Mate!

After that I go to the Museum of Contemporart Art while Wolfgang is going to Bondi Beach. At the MCA is one great exhibiton of a japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama. Never ever heard of her before, but I really like her art! In the basement is a mixture of australian artists displayed, not so much my kind of thing. So I just go for some lunch down to the harbour, then over to Darling Harbour and via Pitt Street and George Street, Sydneys big shopping streets - if I only had more money and luggage space - back to the hostel.

So, that was Sydney for now. I'll be back for Bondi Beach after my camping tour before I fligh to Chile. If anybody has any suggestion for me, what I have to do or see in the city, what I have missed so far, please feel free to leave a feedback note

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le cousin en USA (4.4.09 05:52)

eine gute Freundin von mir, Julia, hat gerade ein Praktikum in Sydney begonnen und würde sich sicher über ein bisschen Abwechslung freuen. Sie wohnt in Manly nahe Strand und kennt auch noch nicht so wahnsinnig viel von der Stadt.

Wenn Du Dich auf dem Rückweg mit ihr treffen magst - sie ist unheimlich nett - gebe ich Dir gern ihre Nummer!

Liebe Grüße - schön, dass es mit David geklappt hat. Du solltest die Essenseinladung unbedingt annehmen. Ann kocht großartig und die ganze Familie ist wahnsinnig lieb.

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