Fraser Island

We start really early today with a long breifing about Dos and Don'ts on Fraser before we are divided into groups. For groups, each nine people are going to the Island today. My group is quite diverse. There are the three youngsters Sandy and Stew (or Christoffer and Christoffer) from Denmark and Jo from the USA, the two English girls Verity and Elena, Lorenzo, the oldest but the craziest from Italy, David, the reticent Irishman, Wolfgang and me.

We all drive to the work shed where we get our car for the tour, our camping stuff and then we go food and alcohol shopping. As quick as possible we get to the ferry, which brings us to the sandy Island of Fraser. David becomes our designated driver after the first minutes on the sandy roads in 4WD. First destination is Central Station for Lunch and a short stroll beside one of the freshwater creeks here on Fraser. But it is the next sight which really impresses me for the first time here. Lake Wabby. A small green lake in the middle of the forest right next to a huge yellow sand pile. Yet the overview from the lookout is amazing, but coming down to the dune and swim in the lake is even better!


Unfortunately we don't have much time to spend here, because we have to drive down to the beach to set up our camp for the first night.  Sadly, one of the groups keeps separated from the other three, but we still have fun despite all the difficulties we have with our tents. And after a quite sandy barbecue we have a great evening, talking, drinking some beer, strolling around the beach and watching the waves.


The second day starts perfectly with coffee and sunshine. Unpleasant is just the trash all over the camp side since we forgot to take the trash bag inside the car and a Dingo had a thorough look through it.

But driving on the beach makes it all good again! First stop today is the shipwreck of the Mahony. This huge ferreous skeleton is lying on the beach like it belongs there - impressive!


The drive along the beach directs us along Pinnacles, rain forest, creeks down to Indian Head. We climb up the cliff and are rewarded by an outstanding overview over the beach, the sea and the Island. I could have spent the whole day just sitting, watching and listening!!


But we have a tight schedule and have to leave for the Champagne Pools. These are saltwater lagoons directly behind the shoreline, separated from the ocean just through some rocks. And that bath is so good!!!


After that it's time again to drive back to Eli Creek  to set up the camp, because the tide is coming in. And we find a spot for all for groups.

The night is just beautiful, just one dune between us and the ocean, a bright full moon, the southern cross as a shelter above. I spent the whole night with Ben, a Canadian guy from one of the other group just watching, talking and enjoying the night at the beach.


Day three starts badly. We're out of food, half the people have a huge hangover and we all want to shower!

But we manage to find breakfast, cure the headaches and start our day  with a long drive up to lake Mackenzie, one of the biggest freshwater lakes on Fraser. It's simply breathtaking this lake in the middle of the forest - white sand, clear water like fresh out of the tab and from an stunningly turquise.

And it's exactly what I needed. A good long swim, get rid off all the sand and just relaxing on the beach. And so it seems like time is flying by and too soon we have to leave for our ferry. But therfor we catch sight of a Dingo! It's like a goodbye present


So we make it back to the mainland, drop the cars and get ourselves into showers! And over a lot of pizza and coke we reflect on our trip and have a really nice last evening together! I'm gonna miss all of them!


12.4.09 10:26

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